Effective Learning Methods During a Pandemic

Circumstances that have changed many aspects including the world of education. The learning method has to be done online. For those of you who feel confused about how to teach in the midst of a pandemic. The following is a learning method that you can apply in your class.

Learning Methods

Blended Learning

The blended learning methods uses an online system but is still face-to-face via video conferencing. This means that even though the teacher and students are separated, the two of them can still interact with each other. This method is considered to be very effective because it is easy to apply, especially since this method is able to improve students’ cognitive abilities.

Integrated Curriculum

This learning method applies learning on a project basis, namely where each class will be given a project that is relevant to the subject matter. This learning methods does not only involve one subject, but also links other learning methods. So that with this method, students will cooperate in completing the project.

Home Visit Method

This method is an option that can be used during a pandemic. Requires the teacher or instructor to visit each student’s house at a certain time. This method can be used in circumstances where students do not have the opportunity to have a computer device for online learning. So that with this method, the material to be conveyed can be well received.

Offline Method

The Offline learning method is carried out outside the network, which means that the learning method is … Read More

Increase Learning Motivation in Children

Children’s achievement is also determined by their learning motivation. You must understand how to increase children’s learning motivation. So that children can achieve the best of themselves. This is because intellectual intelligence and abilities will not be honed properly, if there is no motivation from within the child. Parents in this case have a very important role in motivating children’s interest in learning. Here are some ways to increase learning motivation in children:

Learning Motivation

Know the Learning Style in Children

Typical learning styles may not match your child’s learning style. This can reduce learning motivation in children. To increase children’s learning motivation, try to get to know your child. Do they prefer to learn while playing, study outdoors, or even learn by listening style.

Support Children’s Learning Interests

Doing something you enjoy will make learning more fun and the material can easily enter the child’s brain. Identify interests in children, then support those interests. Supporting children’s interests will increase learning motivation. This will make children more enthusiastic when doing the learning process. In addition, it is also useful to encourage children to be more accomplished in the fields they like. Give encouragement and input to children, and don’t give them a burden if they don’t like other learning materials. And do not force a material or subject on the child.

Don’t Stick to Results

Often parents feel very proud if their child gives good achievements or results, and will feel very disappointed in children who fail. This is not very good … Read More

Digital Studying & On-line Examination System

Curricula: Learning Management System

learning method

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