Effective Children’s Study Time and How

Effective learning time for children needs to be known by parents and children. So that parents can design children to study at these hours. So that learning can be more effective and maximal. Every child has the best hours to study. Every child has the same best study hours and some are different. Within 24 hours time is divided into dawn, morning, afternoon, evening and night. Children can study at certain hours. But between that time there is the best time for children to learn. At that time the child is very easy to absorb information and knowledge easily and fresher. The author himself is more effective when studying at dawn.

A child is synonymous with playing. Indeed, because the world of children is play. But often parents go too far in educating their children. So is the child. Due to the preoccupation of playing with peers so that the child forgets to study at certain times. This is a phenomenon that often occurs in today’s society. The child who is allowed to continue playing until he forgets the time to study is wrong. Parents must admonish the child to study at certain times. It’s really fun to play.

But as parents we must warn our children to learn. A school child must pay attention to the right time to study. So that children can continue to follow the learning process at school and not be left behind from other children in terms of intelligence. At this time, the author tries to provide information to all readers about effective children’s study time, how long is effective study time for children and how to manage children’s time to study properly and correctly. It is hoped that your child can learn effectively and efficiently.

By knowing the right times to study, it will make it easier for children to schedule their learning time. Why should a child study at the best and most effective times for learning? So that the learning process can be maximized. To find out the best and most effective learning time for children, we take references from various things. Such as the best time to study according to Islam and effective study time according to experts.

Effective Children’s Study Time

To know the best time for children to learn is to know when the child is ready. The best study times for effective children vary. But there is the best time, namely the time when the brain is still empty and in a fresh state. At this time, the brain is ready to think and store all the memories in learning.

The human brain has its own characteristics. Not all the information contained from the outside can all enter the human brain. The human brain has a saturation point and sluggishness at certain conditions if it continues to learn. When it comes to learning, choose the right time when the brain is ready to receive lessons.

The following is a brief explanation of the best and most effective children’s study time that you need to know.


This is the best time to study because it is synonymous with a morning full of passion and enthusiasm. The brain is ready to receive the subject matter and ready to think on a subject being taught. This effective use of study time is used by formal schools to teach subjects to elementary students


This was another best time at number two. Because at this time, the human brain is more likely to be productive and ready to accept any difficult subject matter. At this time is considered as the productive and creative time of humans who are at their peak. Learning at this hour the child will learn to focus and avoid stressful thoughts.

This is also a good time of day. At this hour it is very appropriate to use it to study a difficult subject. Due to a very significant decrease in the sleep hormone. So that this phase is the right time to study without feeling tired or sleepy.

How Long is Effective Study Time?

Everyone has their own study period. Every child or person cannot always continue to learn. He has time to rest and sleep. In fact, according to a study that brain intelligence will increase rapidly when he wakes up. In the sense that when someone wakes up, that’s the right time to learn.

The brain has its own capacity to accommodate all information. If the brain is used to continuously think then there are times when the brain experiences saturation. Even if forced will make symptoms of pain in the head. This is the time to give the brain a break in a few minutes until the brain is fresh again.

Along with the COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia, the learning system in the country has changed from a face-to-face learning system at school to being at home through online applications. This is to prevent the spread of the corona virus. At this time, there are many examples of study essays during a pandemic. For a child studying at home continuously is very boring. Then during one day of study, how many hours of effective learning time for children at home?

All child education experts agree that a child is not required to continue learning for several hours. Because a child needs rest and play. Within the span of a few hours there should be a break to study. The effective study time is only a few hours between half to an hour.

Usually, many school children are more intense in their studies when they will face tests or school exams. They can be in the room only to study up to a few hours. However, if it is very long to study up to several hours, it can cause certain side effects. For example, the eyes get tired easily, the eyes sting and the head is dizzy. Studying for too long is actually considered by education experts and children to be very ineffective.

Parents should know the ideal timeframe for a child to study. Ideally, how long the effective study time is about 30 minutes. One of the well-known psychologists in Indonesia, Alzen Masykouri believes that studying at home for a child should become a habit.

Parents must also set an example by learning on their own with their children. To learn is not just a subject at school. But you can also learn new things related to new hobbies and other fields. Thus, at home children do not study alone but are also accompanied by their parents who also learn. This provides a good atmosphere for children to study at home for a certain period of time.

How long a child’s effective learning time is, of course, not too long and not too short. But that’s just the way it is. Suppose between 30 minutes to 40 minutes accompanied by a rest session. In addition, to maximize children’s ability to study well at home, ensure that children are relaxed, fresh and have eaten.

The Right Time To Study

There are still many people who are confused about the right time to study. Basically everyone knows the right time for him to study. There are four times to study, namely dawn, morning, afternoon, evening and night.

Which of these five times do you enjoy studying the most? Most people prefer to study in the morning. There are also people who like to study at dawn. Everyone has the best study time for himself.

The right time to learn depends on what lessons will be mastered. The right time to learn and memorize the Quran is at dawn or before dawn. Because at this time the atmosphere is very conducive and full of calm in learning and memorizing the Qur’an is very easy. At this time each lesson will be easy to master well. Moreover, the brain is still fresh from waking up.

How to Manage Children’s Study Time

After knowing an effective child’s study time schedule for children, it will be easier to design and manage children’s learning time. Children’s passion is playing. This is normal for a child. So that children do not forget to study, then you must be able to manage the time schedule for children to study, namely at the best and most effective hours for children to learn.

To manage a child’s time to study may seem easy and simple. But in practice, parents will face several challenges. Parents often find it difficult to allocate play and study time for their children. To be more clear, here’s how to manage children’s learning time that parents can do.

1.Create a Daily Agenda

A child who is self-aware of the importance of making a daily agenda, of course he will make his daily agenda. Making a daily agenda is very important to know what to do on that day at certain hours. So that a child is not fixated on playing alone. The preparation of the daily agenda for children can be made by parents and children.

By making a daily agenda, it will make children more aware that at certain hours they have to stop playing and have to study. The child knows his duties and responsibilities. It is made for the benefit of the child in his academic and educational world so that he can follow lessons at school easily.

Then what are the contents of the daily agenda for the child? A child’s daily agenda can contain hours of play time, hours of study time, hours of helping parents, hours of family gathering and hours of finishing work at home.

2. Setting Learning Targets

Furthermore, in how to manage children’s time to learn effectively is to set learning targets to be achieved. The easy way is to see what subject matter you want to master well at a certain time.

3. Arrange Free Time

In the preparation of an effective children’s study time schedule and daily agenda, it is not always full of learning activities. This is because a child must be given free time. Because if the child is required to study continuously, it will certainly make the child vulnerable to stress. Give your child free time to relax and rest in the learning process.

The child must have an activity that he likes. Let the child play for a while like watching his favorite movie or listening to his favorite music. All of this if done will make the child more motivated to learn again in a state of full concentration, fresh and one hundred percent fit.

4. Determining the Right Way of Learning

Making a daily learning schedule along with the next target to be achieved is to determine the appropriate and appropriate learning method for children. For example, how to learn to use mind mapping techniques or Pomodoro or other learning methods.

As a priority when studying at home is to prioritize completing the homework given by the school. After that learn to do other lessons according to the target to be achieved. So, does your child have effective child learning time?