Increase Learning Motivation in Children

Children’s achievement is also determined by their learning motivation. You must understand how to increase children’s learning motivation. So that children can achieve the best of themselves. This is because intellectual intelligence and abilities will not be honed properly, if there is no motivation from within the child. Parents in this case have a very important role in motivating children’s interest in learning. Here are some ways to increase learning motivation in children:

Learning Motivation

Know the Learning Style in Children

Typical learning styles may not match your child’s learning style. This can reduce learning motivation in children. To increase children’s learning motivation, try to get to know your child. Do they prefer to learn while playing, study outdoors, or even learn by listening style.

Support Children’s Learning Interests

Doing something you enjoy will make learning more fun and the material can easily enter the child’s brain. Identify interests in children, then support those interests. Supporting children’s interests will increase learning motivation. This will make children more enthusiastic when doing the learning process. In addition, it is also useful to encourage children to be more accomplished in the fields they like. Give encouragement and input to children, and don’t give them a burden if they don’t like other learning materials. And do not force a material or subject on the child.

Don’t Stick to Results

Often parents feel very proud if their child gives good achievements or results, and will feel very disappointed in children who fail. This is not very good for children. Too focused on results will make children feel pressured to give value or achievement to parents. So that the motivation to learn was reduced. They will feel burdened and do not enjoy the learning process. Always emphasize to children to enjoy the existing learning process. That the process of learning is a fun process and the results of learning will increase if the learning process is liked by children.

Give Support

The learning process, which is fully supported by parents, will provide learning comfort for children. Forbidding children to learn something will make their interest and motivation to learn decrease. Give full support to children who want to learn, as long as the field is really good for their growth. In addition to moral support, also provide material support to children. Meet their needs for the learning process so that children can learn to the maximum and achieve maximum results.

Give Appreciation to Increase Learning Motivation in Children

When the child begins to show achievements or results, give appreciation to your child. No matter how small or simple the achievement is, an appreciation will increase your child’s learning motivation. You can give appreciation by giving compliments, gifts, and even vacation promises that the child is definitely waiting for. This will make children more enthusiastic to learn, also make children more motivated to improve their achievements.