Unemployment Rates For Individuals 25 Years And Older By Academic Attainment

educational attainment

The Educational Attainment Of Aboriginal Peoples In Canada

The professional/managerial fields have been the only two occupational fields where faculty graduates with a bachelor’s diploma or higher represented the bulk. Among professional occupations, ninety nine.1% of the inhabitants graduated from highschool, 90.2% had some college schooling or an associate degree and over two thirds, sixty eight.2% had a bachelor’s diploma or greater.

educational attainment

Examining the practical type of the schooling-well being association can shed light on how and why education is useful for well being . For occasion, studies found that mortality steadily declines with years of education at low ranges of academic attainment, with massive discontinuities at high school and school diploma attainment (fifty six; ninety eight). Such findings can point to the importance of completing a degree, not simply increasing the quantity of training.

Academic Attainment By State 2021

Examining mortality, nevertheless, implicitly focused on cohorts who went to school 50–60 years ago, within very totally different instructional and social contexts. For findings relevant to present schooling insurance policies, we have to focus on examining newer delivery cohorts. The academic attainment various significantly among the various kinds of occupations.


The academic attainment of the U.S. population refers back to the highest degree of training accomplished. The educational attainment of the U.S. population is similar to that of many other industrialized countries with the overwhelming majority of the inhabitants having accomplished secondary training and a rising variety of faculty graduates that outnumber highschool dropouts.