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learning contexts


Typically an LTI link incorporates a URL that points to the software, together with another metadata used for identification and presentation functions which are unique to each hyperlink. Often LTI Links are offered to a user as an HTML link, but the two ideas should not be confused – an LTI Link is not just a URL, however might comprise extra data that have to be included in a launch to the device. When a person deploys a software within their tool platform, the platform MUSTgenerate an immutable deployment_id identifier to determine the integration. A platform MUST generate a singular deployment_id for every device it integrates with. Every message between the platform and tool MUSTinclude the deployment_id in addition to the client_id. The IMS Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) specification allows Learning Management Systems or platforms to integrate distant tools and content in a regular method. LTI v1.three builds on LTI v1.1 by incorporating a new mannequin for security for message and service authentication.

LTI generally acknowledges that customers make use of the integrated functionality supplied by instruments to platforms. These users usually come with a definedrole with respect to the context within which they operate when using a software. A context is roughly equal to a course, project, or other collection of resources with a typical set of customers and roles. LTI makes use of the word “context” as an alternative of “course” because a course is only one type of context (one other type might be “group” or “part”). Each LTI Link related to a selected useful resource (as described in part 3.2 Contexts and resourcesbelow) MUST include a platform distinctive identifier named resource_link_id. When an LTI Link is related to a resource, it’s known as a Resource Link (see part 5.1 Resource linkfor more details).

learning contexts

LTI v1.3 supports specific, separate authentication mechanisms for messages and companies, defined within the IMS Security Framework [SEC-10]. Additionally, implementers MUST use HTTPS for all URLs to sources included in messages and providers .

To accommodate for this case, the platform could in these circumstances not embrace the sub claim or another person id claims. The software should interpret the lack of a sub claim as a launch request coming from an nameless consumer. The target hyperlink URI is the actual endpoint for the LTI resource to show; for instance, the url in Deep Linking ltiResourceLink objects, or thelaunch_url in IMS Common Cartridges, or any launch URL defined in the device configuration. Messages between a platform and host are used to switch the consumer agent between hosts (as described in section three.1.three Tool Deployment of this doc). Further necessities for structuring a message may be required depending on the situation .